Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Goodmorning! :)

It's sunday!! " Ive got a pocket full of sunshine.. ohhhhh "

Im feeling much better today and it was really hard to get up.
I had to do groceries shopping and it was kind of fun. I got myself lots of vegetables and fruits as well. For breakfast I had 1 weetabix + milk ( low fat ). Now for lunch, i'll probably have soup because I need to get my full boost up of vitamins so as to be fit for the gym tomorrow!

This first week of diet was not that impressive because I had so many constraints like assignment to do, presentation to prepare and I was sick.

But it's not too late to become fit. I have exactly 8 weeks ( 2 whole months ) or 56 days to lose my 7 kilos! I won't give up!!

Let's just say that tomorrow's my really first day of dieting. okay? ( am i cheating?? ) ..haha

big kisses to ya all

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear bloggers,

im sick! I think ive got the flu.. What do you do when you're sick? do you still exercise? what happens to the diet?
My entire body aches..
Just passing by to drop a few words. I think i'll have to postpone my diet for a few days:(

take care