Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1

Today is the FIRST day of blogging!! Hello bloggers..anyone out there?

I'd like to start by saying why I chose to start a blog. First off, im not really used to all of this online stuffs. I feel like sending a message to this huge void but anyway, it kinda feels 'relaxing' to blog. It's like an online diary where people can set their goals and no matter what happens, I still remain anonymous:)

I have a hectic life because of university and I always try to fit a few hours of exercises in it. It's really hard though and you know, with the busy trend, you tend to lose focus of your body and what happens then? you gain 7 kilos!! You eat whatever food you can get, you stop going to the gym, you don't take the stairs ( because you're tired for having worked really hard on an assignment on the eve ), you go to the nearby KFC..and the list goes on.

My recent inspiration is LizYartur. I just came across her YT videos lately ( )and I felt the inspiration to lose the weight, keep it off and become very healthy. She's an adorable person and I'd like to dedicate this very first post to her:) Thank you for being such a nice person, for always sharing with everyone and also for making me realise that it's never too late to become fit.

So, today i'll start to set my goals online. I'll have to achieve them. Here we go:

#1. Lose weight i.e 7 kilos before this DECEMBER 2010. I have to eat healthy food only.
#2. Try to stay positive in any situation.

My schedule :

Mondays: Gym - 1 hr of cardio and 30 mins of strengthening exercises
Tuedays: Taebo class of 1 hr
Wednesdays: Gym
Thursdays: Taebo class again
Fridays: Gym
Saturdays: Relax ( or maybe do some yoga)
Sundays: Pilates ( body fitness ; a combination of pilates and yoga )

Wish me luck :)
If you have any kind of the same goal, let me know.

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  1. Hi sweety. I just started to blog as well.
    And just like you I'm trying to lose weight.
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