Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unexpected day

Hello there!
I hope u're all doing great no matter where you are:)
Today was not really a good day.. And guess wat? I ate junk food.. That's so lame.. I couldn't resist and while eating I was loving it! after the last bit was eaten, you know what happened next. I felt guilty.
But this shouldn't be like the end of the world, right? I should just take it easy and say to myself that there's still tomorow and I have exactly 67 days now..

67 days to lose 7 kilos! 1 kilo per week. I still have 3 days in this week to lose 1 kilo. Wish me luck:s

I must not lose hope. Im so tired, I have a presentation to do tomorrow and an assignment to submit. Oh Gosh, I wish I were superwoman!

Tomorrow, I'll do my best all over again. That's not easy to stay focused on the goals.. BUT I need to stay focused.

I'll pen off now.. My whole body is aching ( due to yesterday's taebo class)

Take care
Big kisses

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